Local feel, national reach.

Our Story

We are a local independent insurance agency serving the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and beyond. We offer local services backed by leading insurance companies. Whether you are buying a new home and need home insurance for the first time, or you are managing your personal finances, we are here to help you make simple, convenient, and confident insurance decisions.

Where we specialize

We focus on "personal lines" insurance. This means we spend our time in the everyday insurance we all buy: home, car, renters, condo, umbrella, etc. Our specialty is working with home buyers and new renters, bundling all of your insurance needs together. For those who are already insured, we offer a convenient way to compare coverages so you can feel confident you are getting a great deal.

Why this benefits you

As an independent insurance agency, we work with a number of insurance carriers to find you the best rate we can. You don't have to shop around every insurance company's website, we will do all the work for you. By partnering with businesses that require insurance, we offer a simple, convenient insurance experience that you can trust.

How we make money

We are paid a commission from the insurance company on every policy we sell, both new and renewal. Our commission is already part of the insurance price, and by working with us you will not see any additional charges.